Parkdale Artist Residency Call-out for Applications

Posted March 31, 2017

The Public is an activist design studio working from grassroots and anti-oppressive frameworks. We seek to create work that engages and inspires, while democratizing the practice of design, building community capacity, and fostering growth. Our past work and current projects can be viewed at

The Public Gallery is a new initiative of The Public that features art that explores issues of social justice and anti-oppression. As a 2m x 3.5m street-facing window gallery, it is the façade of The Public Studio and can be viewed at any time at the corner of Lansdowne Avenue and Seaforth Avenue.

We believe that art should be accessible—created and enjoyed by everybody—and inspire change. With this in mind, we are launching a pilot Parkdale Artist Residency program running from May 1, 2017 – June 5, 2017, culminating in an exhibit for the gallery, which will be on public display through June and July 2017.

Residency details:

Space and Resources

We are offering non-residential work space in our open office/studio at 58 Lansdowne Avenue. The artist will get their own working space/table (3 × 4 ft), with two storage cubbies, and storage space up to 3 × 4 ft. Our entire studio, artist workstation, and washroom are wheelchair accessible, however our doors are not automatic. The artist will have access to their workspace/the studio only during studio operating hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.

We can provide access to the following tools and equipment:

• Digital camera and studio light
• Some software
• Sink
• Sewing machine
• Digital projector
• Desk/Table 3 × 4 feet
• Printer/photocopier/scanner
• Tools (drill, hammer, nails, screws, level, tape measure, rulers, tape, paper cutting mat)
• Access to the Toronto Tool Library
• Writing materials (paper, pens, markers, notebooks)

Additionally, we have a long-term resource budget of $350 for any tools or equipment that you may need that we do not currently have on-site, that are non-consumable and would stay with The Public Studio after the residency ends.

Critical Engagement

We also have a storefront area for meetings and workshops that will be available to the artist, and where the following Parkdale Artist Residency public events will take place:

Open house: Artist presentation of work-in-progress and community consultation.

Exhibition Launch Event: Artist talk by the resident artist, which can include an introduction or co-presentation by the artist’s Community or Artist Mentor (more info on this below).

Support and Mentorship

The Public can offer the artist: event promotion for both the open house and exhibition launch, one day of set-up/installation help, and 12 hours of mentorship and consultation over the course of the 4-week residency. This guidance will be visual and conceptual, but The Public cannot provide direct technical skills education.

We invite all applicants to include the opportunity to work with a Community or Artist Mentor of their choice as part of their residency, who can offer their specialized knowledge, artistic direction, and critique of the artist’s work. The Community or Artist Mentor will have to provide a write-up on the artist’s exhibit (500-1000 words), and speak on the work for 10 minutes at the exhibition’s launch/artist talk. The Public can provide your Community or Artist Mentor an honorarium of $500 for their contribution to the residency.

If you do not have a community or artist mentor in mind or available, The Public can work with you to provide additional mentorship support in other ways.

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for artists of any age and stage of career, who are from, live in, or are involved in the Parkdale community to create work under the theme of “Resilient Communities.” The artist’s exhibit should honor and celebrate Parkdale’s ongoing histories of resistance and resilience, engage or relate to the neighbourhood, and be rooted in principles of social justice and anti-oppression. We ask that all proposed projects incorporate plans for a community consultation mid-way through the project, and culminate in an exhibit in the window gallery space, and an artist talk to launch the exhibit.

We strongly encourage applicants from historically underrepresented groups, including but not limited to: Black and Indigenous people, people of colour, women and trans people, individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ2SAI community members, non-status people, and others who have experienced oppression in more mainstream art spaces. We encourage applicants to self-identify in their bio and artist statement. All information will be kept confidential to staff at The Public.



To apply, please submit a 5-page 8.5 × 11” PDF to by April 14, 2017 by 12noon EST.

Application packages should be formatted as follows:

Page 1

Pages 2-3

Pages 4-5

Application evaluation:

We will select an artist based on the following criteria:

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