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Client: Centre for Women and Trans People at York

Branding, Graphic design

The Centre for Women and Trans People at York is a student-run collective space of resistance, solidarity, reflection and anti-oppression. Services include crisis intervention, peer counselling, referrals and housing and the physical space at the York University student centre also houses a resource library, lively discussions and workshops. Advocating and acting both on- and off-campus, the space continues to evolve and grow its political voice.

In 2011, we rolled out a new branding system for the centre. The identity is designed to change as the centre responds to the needs of its membership and to the political climate both on- and off-campus. In isolation, the logo states the official organizational name, but in context, the name changes to reflect the current political foci of the centre, and to communicate the diversity within its scope of work.

In context, this identity system will work as a dynamic logo — leaving space to be changed depending on the specific context and letting students at York know that the politics of the centre include, but are not limited to gender alone.

The Public Logo

The Public Studio
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