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Client: Women's Shelters Canada

Branding, Graphic design, Strategy

Women’s Shelters Canada is a national network of provincial and territorial shelter associations that provides a strong, unified, pan-Canadian voice on the issue of violence against women. Since 2009, WSC has been helping to increase awareness on the vital role of shelters and transition houses, and ensuring that legislation and regulations are informed by the experiences and insights of their members. The Network was incorporated and became a charitable organization in November 2012.

Women’s Shelters Canada creates opportunities for shelters and shelter workers to exchange ideas, learn from one another and share resources. It connects knowledgeable and dedicated individuals from coast to coast, so that new ideas are born, best practices are promoted and transferred, and to ensure those who work in this challenging field feel more connected and more supported. Grounded in an inclusive, intersectional, and equity-based framework, this network’s vision of collective strength helps to ensure the women and children who turn to shelters and transition houses receive the most effective and compassionate support possible.

We were pleased to work with Women’s Shelters Canada on their recent branding. The goal was to not only affirm WSC as a relevant and unified voice in national policy decisions pertaining to violence against women, but to bring forward the active spirit of WSC as a connector and facilitator of knowledge exchange. To capture the sense of connection, collective strength, and heart that are central to the WSC network, we developed a logo that reflects the diversity of shelter/transition house services and organizations and the connective paths that Women’s Shelters Canada draws between them.

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