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A Labour of Love: 10 years of creativity, community, and care

Posted by Anabel on August 20th, 2018

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In our last ten years of engaging with transformative change and political potential, we’ve created a studio that also re-defines what “work” and “labour” can be. As we reflect on the strides we’ve made, we want to evaluate our impact based on the stories and lived experiences of the people we’ve worked with, beyond the linear metrics of capitalist growth. We want to move into our next ten years reflecting on what creating and sustaining an inviting and caring space looks and feels like, in our relationships and in our studio.

Starting next month, you can expect to find a special edition newsletter in your inbox each month that honors one of our cherished clients or past team members. We’ll be featuring candid conversations reflecting on the ways we have inspired and impacted each other, and the projects that have shown us what kind of world is possible when we hold space for each other. We can’t wait to share these sweet revelations with you! If you aren’t already on our newsletter mailing list, you can subscribe here!

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