The Public is a community-centred, social justice design studio that works alongside non-profits, grassroots organizations, and people trying to change the world for the better.

A wooden sign on the exterior wall of a building reads "The Public" with a stylized logo. Below it is a colorful poster with abstract art. The background features green trees, a black metal fence, and a white car parked on the street.


Our Work

The Public is built on over fifteen years of love and care that we continue to invest in, offering experiences that are as relational and thoughtful as they are critical and groundbreaking. We are a team of activists, creatives, and friends, and for us, the personal is always political. Our work continues to be informed by our lived experiences as queer and/or racialized people.

A cozy reading nook with a gray couch adorned with pink and green pillows. Above the couch, a pegboard wall displays various colorful books and magazines. Green plants add a touch of nature to the space.

Our Values

We are not just committed to ethical, sustainable and liberatory practices; we are defined by them. We challenge dominant power structures and opt, instead, to work in ways that are transformational, creative, generative and nourishing. We are very present in the communities that we work in and with, and strive to make a positive impact on their cultures, environments and economies.

A wooden shelf is filled with various books and magazines, with a leafy green plant winding around the items. One prominent book is titled "So Good" and dated 2014. The shelf is supported by sturdy brackets attached to a white wall.

Co-creation Process

Our co-creative projects combine popular education with co-design methodology and trauma-informed facilitation to build skills and produce inspiring and impactful work. Our workshops are joyful, hands-on, and uniquely designed to meet the needs of the participants. We co-create with people at all skill levels, including seniors, kids, teens, and folks with various literacy levels.

Our Clients

The Public wants what our clients want; whether that’s eradicating gender-based violence, fighting for labour rights, or combating homophobia, we’re devoted to creating materials that support and amplify your vision for a better world.







The Public Studio
58 Lansdowne Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 2V9
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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
9 AM to 5 PM