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Black Lives Matter

Posted by on June 17th, 2020

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Dear community and collaborators, we’ve been holding much grief, rage, and hope for a better world as the movement for Black liberation continues to grow.

We understand that the violence we’re seeing in recent weeks is systemic and is born from an ongoing history of colonization and oppression of Black people all over the world. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt any less each time and every day a Black person has to struggle to be respected, to be loved, and to be free to thrive in this world.

We know violence against Black people is built into our current economic and social systems and that these structures must be abolished in order for resources to be redistributed as seeds for sustainable solutions that honour the lives of Black people and our interdependence as humans.

We’re also witnessing many incredible and creative forms of organization, resistance, and collective care in support of Black liberation. We continue to be inspired by all the ways Black folks have always been at the forefront of radical imagination and social change and that these legacies continue to pave the way for new generations of activism and systemic change. We’ll be sharing and amplifying some places to direct funds, ways to take action, people and organizations to boost, and resources for legal aid, activism, mental health, and allyship on social media.

As artists, designers and activists, our approach to design is rooted in values of community self-determination, and we are committed to on-going learning, dialogue, and transformation as we strive to centre Black liberation in our work. We commit to centering Black experiences not only during times of grief, trauma, or Black history month, but also to honour and celebrate Black joy as it manifests in art and design.

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