Idle No More

Idle No More is the latest embodiment of ongoing First Nations resistance to the Canadian state. First sparked by resistance to the omnibus budget Bill C-45, the aims of the movement go far beyond the single legislation. Idle No More has grown to a grassroots movement with the goal of establishing a nation-to-nation relationship between First Nations and the Canadian state. It is a movement characterized by direct-action contentious politics, calling for decolonization, traditional governance, and the restoration of land-based cultural practices. The movement addresses a multitude of issues that are rooted in Colonialism and continue to plague First Nations communities, including treaties, the housing crisis, education, poverty, environmental racism, and violence against First Nations women.

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A rectangular poster with a bright red background and the words "idle NO more" written in large, white, rough-edged letters across the center. The text has a chaotic, handwritten style. There is also an intricate black script partially visible behind the main text.

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