Ma tête, mon droit: Protecting our freedom of expression

Increasingly, political parties and complacent governments have been categorizing which items should be “reasonably accommodated” or worn in public spaces, including at schools, health-care facilities and other government-related environments. Bills are being proposed to target those who visibly, rightfully and peacefully express their convictions—secular or religious, however controversial—in public.

In a true democracy, to be told what we cannot wear is hypocritical. It is to practice the same oppression of those who force uniforms on others under the vague guise of “secularism”.

In Montréal, groups like No One is Illegal, Q-PIRG Concordia, and the federation few Femmes du Québec are working to unveil the xenophobia behind recent proposals, paving the way for honest dialogue and tolerance in its true sense.

Poster featuring various styles of red head coverings including hats, caps, bandanas, and scarves on a beige background. Text at the bottom reads "ma tête, mon droit!" with a red exclamation point and a website link underneath.

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